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Reinus takes the gameplay of the original Legend of Zelda
and mixes it with expressionism and exploration of an alien planet. We
want the player to feel alone in a strange world that is out to get
them, and to enjoy the moments of respite. Legend of Zelda or Hyper Light Drifter fans will feel right at home with our combat and movement.

Version 1.0 is our final version of the game for the purpose of the "Trend Together" game design project course. We have additionally made Version 0.2, our first playable prototype, available again to show how far the project has come. It's been quite the journey :)

Controls - Keyboard:

WASD - directional input
Space - attack
E - interact
Escape/P - pause menu

Controls - Controller:

Joystick - directional input
A/X - attack
X/Square - interact
Back/Start - pause menu


Art - Julia Nurit Schönnagel
Design/Code - Naomi Seeling
Leveldesign/Code - Carla Rother
Original Soundtrack - Artur Luft

Supervised by Peter Holzapfel (<- Very Cool Guy)

Install instructions

1. Download and extract the latest zip file.
2. Run the executable found in the zip file.


2020.07.03_v_01.0.zip 31 MB
Space_Link_v.00.2.zip 19 MB

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